Software defined storage is a complex nut to crack

We are innovative with Data

Storing All Your Data in the Cloud is Not Realistic

Lets face it, every piece of data you have will not fit in the cloud. Some of your data is sensitive, subject to compliance and even restricted by geography. Even if all of it lives in the cloud, you straddle cloud providers or regions and still end up with a big management problem.

We are innovative with Data

Keeping Track of Everything is Tough

Your data lives in your office, in the cloud, and on your employees’ devices. Keeping track of your data, auditing access, understanding usage, and setting policies continues to be complicated. Being able to track these things from a single place is stuff that dreams are made of.

We are innovative with Data

Your Storage Needs to Be Agile and Evolve

Your business is growing and needs to remain nimble in order to innovate and evolve. Provisioning new storage should not require rolling in new hardware from different vendors. Getting new storage provisioned should be a click or API call away even within your environment.

We are innovative with Data

Managing Should be a Piece of Cake

Your data management solutions should be easy to set up even at a large scale. Shrinking IT budgets make it hard to have an IT person along side every location you deploy infrastructure. Solutions need to be simple and self-managing to allow your storage to evolve.


A great team building innovative stuff in the Pacific Northwest.

We’re looking for people to join us at our new location in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. We seek individuals that are passionate about their work, enjoy collaborating with others and want to have fun doing it.

We are passionate about what we build

We are innovative with Data

We are Innovative with Data

We are so on the bleeding edge of data that it makes our ears bleed. We are excited about disrupting enterprise storage and making it truly flexible enough to meet anyones needs.

We are innovative with Data

We Love Open Source

There’s not one day where we don’t think about how open source can make an impact on what we build. We are doubling down on the community and its awesomeness.

We are innovative with Data

We Build Enjoyable Experiences

The user is number one in our books and we want them to enjoy their stay. We work across all form factors to make sure you can access and manage your data at any time.

This is not the boring old technology stack of the past.

Just like we were, you’re probably also tired of working in Java and old school technology stacks. Castle is proud to be utilizing the latest and greatest technology. Trust us, you’ll be thrilled to find out how we’re doing it.


We love people as much as building great stuff.

Challenge Yourself Daily

We are a team that thrives on challenges and know that you have to put yourself out there to make a significant difference.

We are Empathetic

We care about the people we work with and if others are happy then we are succeeding. We call this peer user experience.

Think Like an Owner

Everyone working on Castle is excited to see success, not just the product owners. We value logical feedback and criticism from everyone.

Innovative Culture

We’re here to stir up a market that is ripe for innovation. We have a huge sense of pride knowing that we are innovators in our space.


We are looking for talented people who enjoy solving complicated problems.